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Microsoft 365 Setup

Thinking about moving your small business into the new standard for email, cloud data, and all things related to Microsoft Office? We can help!

Make Your Cloud Transition Easier with our Microsoft 365 Setup Service

Microsoft 365 is much more than just email. You get collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, all of the Microsoft Office Applications you’ve come to know over the past 2 decades, plus a whole lot more. That being said, it takes someone with technical know-how to set it up right for your organization. Let us do the hard work for you!

Does my Business Really Need Microsoft 365?

To be honest, you might not. But we think if you ended up on this page, you’ve at least thought about it. Luckily, the licensing fees for Microsoft 365 are billed per user, so even if you’re a small company you’re not stuck paying some huge minimum fee to Microsoft. Microsoft 365 is great for most businesses though no matter how big or small.

That being said, CGS Web Designs prides ourselves on not selling you things you don’t need. We can help provide an honest assessment of whether you’d benefit from making the switch.

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Can’t I Setup Microsoft 365 Myself?

You certainly can! If you don’t want to pay an agency or a ‘tech guy’ to set it up for you, Microsoft’s instructions are pretty easy to follow.

Look, we’re not here to tell anyone how to run their business, we’re just saving you some time. We’ve set up Microsoft 365 for several companies (including our own) so we know the process and how to make things go smoothly. So let us do it for you!

Let’s Get Started!

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