Amoha Partners

% Return on Investment
Based on 1st year sales directly attributable to the work performed

Who Are They?

Amoha is recognized as a premier provider of Cost Optimization as a Service, dedicated to empowering enterprises by significantly reducing their expenditures on IT infrastructure. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of current market trends and pricing for data center services, Amoha’s team of experts employs this knowledge to strategically renegotiate contracts and services with third-party providers.

Through their meticulous approach and negotiation acumen, they have consistently delivered substantial financial savings for their clients, achieving an impressive average cost reduction of 39%. Their commitment to excellence and their proven track record make them an invaluable partner for businesses seeking to optimize their IT infrastructure investments while maintaining top-tier service levels.

Details & Challenges

The proprietors of Amoha had previously sought to engage the services of alternative web design professionals but were met with dissatisfaction due to the subpar outcomes and inadequate communication from the engaged vendors. The work that had been partially completed was found to be entirely deficient in quality and utility, necessitating its complete abandonment.

Moreover, the endeavor to construct a website capable of accurately and effectively conveying Amoha’s distinctive business model encountered unexpected complexities. These challenges underscored the need for a nuanced understanding of Amoha’s services and objectives, as well as a high level of expertise in web design and development, to ensure the final product would meet the exacting standards required to reflect the company’s innovative approach and value proposition.

Project Results

Based on 1st year sales directly attributable to the work performed
*How We Calculate ROI

We calculate ROI for our clients based on several factors. In some cases, customers will give us the number directly based on their own profit margins. In the absence of this information, we use a variety of analytics and action metrics combined with the price points of our clients' various services to estimate the ROI from work we perform for them.

Time to Complete

4 Weeks

What We Did for Them

The proprietors of Amoha generously furnished the majority of the requisite content for the website’s redevelopment, encompassing both textual copy and visual imagery. Building upon this foundation, we undertook a comprehensive enhancement to ascertain the creation of a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing and swift in loading but also rich in content. This included the integration of detailed case studies showcasing some of Amoha’s most notable achievements, thereby illustrating the tangible impact of their services.

Fortunately, our experience in data center management and enterprise operations provided us insight to Amoha’s services that would not have been appreciated by other web design vendors.

The development of the site was executed using the WordPress platform, employing the Astra theme coupled with the Elementor page builder for a seamless design and user experience. To transcend the limitations of conventional website templates, we utilized a sophisticated array of custom fields and post types. This strategic approach enabled us to craft a distinctive layout that uniquely represents Amoha’s brand identity and values, ensuring that the website stands out in a competitive digital landscape.

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