Blue Jay Masonry

% Return on Investment
Based on 1st year sales directly attributable to the work performed

Who Are They?

Blue Jay Masonry, based in Baltimore, MD, is a leading masonry contractor known for its expertise in concrete, stone, brick, and block masonry. With over two decades of experience, the company offers a wide range of masonry services, including repairs and new construction, to both residential and commercial clients.

Emphasizing quality service, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Blue Jay Masonry treats each project with the utmost care, as if working on their own home, ensuring each client’s living space is enhanced in both quality and safety.

Details & Challenges

Initially, Blue Jay Masonry faced the common challenge of starting without a website, pre-existing content, or even a domain name, armed only with a business card and the owner’s vision. Operating within a modest budget constrained the project’s scope, emphasizing the need for cost-effective solutions.

The primary objective was to develop a swiftly loading website optimized for user engagement, particularly through contact form submissions, to significantly enhance the company’s client acquisition efforts. This strategic approach aimed to maximize resource efficiency while fostering business growth through digital presence.

Project Results

Based on 1st year sales directly attributable to the work performed
*How We Calculate ROI

We calculate ROI for our clients based on several factors. In some cases, customers will give us the number directly based on their own profit margins. In the absence of this information, we use a variety of analytics and action metrics combined with the price points of our clients' various services to estimate the ROI from work we perform for them.

Time to Complete

2 Weeks

What We Did for Them

To enhance affordability and efficiency in our web development process for Blue Jay Masonry, we opted for the strategic use of a pre-selected template from CGS Web Designs’ extensive repository of professional website designs. This decision was guided by the need to provide cost-effective online solutions for small businesses striving for digital visibility.

CGS Web Designs played a full management role in this project, managing the entire spectrum of web development tasks. This included the crucial steps of domain name selection and registration, the creation of compelling website content, and the establishment and verification of a Google My Business page to bolster the client’s online presence.

The project leveraged the Astra WordPress theme, chosen for its lightweight structure and speed optimization capabilities, further refined through the use of core blocks and tailor-made CSS. This approach ensured that the website remained fast and responsive, a critical factor in enhancing user experience and engagement.

In addition, we undertook detailed keyword research, targeting industry-specific terms with high potential to attract the desired audience and facilitate conversion. Given the challenge of launching a brand-new domain without the advantage of existing backlinks, a focused effort on on-page SEO was essential. This strategy was implemented during the content creation phase, aiming to lay a solid foundation for the website’s visibility and search engine ranking.

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