Beauty by Kieu

% Return on Investment
Based on 1st year sales directly attributable to the work performed

Who Are They?

Beauty by Kieu stands as a prominent and cherished establishment, gracing the Baltimore community with its exquisite expertise in eyelash extensions. Nestled within the Perry Hall area, they have garnered a reputation for delivering enchanting transformations that accentuate the natural allure of every individual.

At the core of Beauty by Kieu’s offerings lie their meticulously crafted eyelash extensions. With a deft touch and an artistic vision, they enhance the eyes, adding a touch of mystique and elegance to each flutter. Their commitment to quality and precision is evident in every lash meticulously placed, creating a seamless blend that highlights the unique features of each client. The result is a mesmerizing tapestry of lashes that frames the eyes, exuding confidence and captivating charm.

Yet, Beauty by Kieu is more than just a provider of beauty services; it is a beacon of opportunity for those who aspire to craft their own path in the realm of aesthetics. Through their comprehensive training program, they empower and nurture aspiring “lash artists,” imparting not only the technical skills but also the artistry required to master the delicate craft of lash extensions.

The training curriculum offered by Beauty by Kieu is a comprehensive journey into the world of lash artistry. Aspiring lash artists are guided through the intricacies of lash selection, adhesive application, and the delicate art of lash extension placement. They delve into the realm of design aesthetics, learning how to customize lash sets that harmonize with diverse facial features, personalities, and preferences. Moreover, the training encompasses crucial aspects of client communication, hygiene, and aftercare, ensuring that each lash artist emerges not only as a skilled practitioner but also as a responsible and caring professional.

Graduates of Beauty by Kieu’s training program step into the world equipped with both the technical prowess and the creative flair to embark on their own journey as lash extension providers. As these newly minted “lash artists” spread their wings and establish their careers, they carry with them the legacy of Beauty by Kieu, a testament to the commitment to excellence and the pursuit of beauty that defines this exceptional establishment.

Beauty by Kieu is not just a local eyelash extension provider; it is a revered sanctuary where artistry and aspiration converge. It adorns the Baltimore area with its enchanting lash transformations while nurturing the dreams of those who seek to weave their own stories in the tapestry of beauty.

Details & Challenges

The process of crafting Beauty by Kieu’s website was not without its share of challenges, some of which originated from our own perspective here at CGS Web Designs. Our initial hurdle was rooted in our limited familiarity with the intricate world of eyelash extensions. As a team primarily versed in web design and development, we embarked on a journey that demanded an in-depth understanding of the nuances, techniques, and artistry that underlie the realm of lash enhancements.

Navigating through the intricacies of eyelash extensions posed an exciting yet formidable task. It necessitated a deep dive into the terminology, methodologies, and client expectations unique to this specialized field. We committed ourselves to unraveling the complexities, educating ourselves about lash types, curl patterns, application procedures, and aftercare regimens. This journey of exploration allowed us to cultivate a comprehensive appreciation for the meticulous craftsmanship that Beauty by Kieu unfailingly delivers to its clientele.

Furthermore, the landscape of eyelash extensions presented another intriguing challenge. Traditionally, these services were often associated with high-end spas and establishments offering a diverse array of beauty treatments. This contrasted distinctly with Beauty by Kieu’s unwavering focus on the artistry of eyelash extensions. It became apparent that the website needed to encapsulate this unique essence while concurrently highlighting the exclusivity and specialization that sets Beauty by Kieu apart.

Balancing these diverse elements required a delicate fusion of design and messaging. The website needed to be a seamless canvas that mirrored the precision of lash extension application, while also communicating the distinction of Beauty by Kieu’s singular focus. Crafting this narrative involved meticulous content curation, strategic visual placement, and a harmonious interplay of colors and aesthetics. The resulting design had to reflect the finesse and elegance of eyelash extensions, echoing the expertise that Beauty by Kieu epitomizes.

Project Results

Based on 1st year sales directly attributable to the work performed
*How We Calculate ROI

We calculate ROI for our clients based on several factors. In some cases, customers will give us the number directly based on their own profit margins. In the absence of this information, we use a variety of analytics and action metrics combined with the price points of our clients' various services to estimate the ROI from work we perform for them.

Time to Complete

3 Weeks

What We Did for Them

In tackling the challenge of creating Beauty by Kieu’s new website, our approach was one of purposeful simplicity, a conscious departure from the inclination to inundate the platform with excessive content. Unlike the route of attempting to compensate for the broader offerings of competitors by adding an abundance of material, CGS Web Designs took a strategic path – one that focused on accentuating the core strength of Beauty by Kieu’s unique philosophy: a commitment to doing one thing exceptionally well.

In a digital landscape often crowded with multifarious services, we recognized the allure of carving a niche that shines brighter than the rest. This guiding principle allowed us to channel our efforts into crafting a website that speaks volumes about Beauty by Kieu’s mastery in the realm of eyelash extensions. Our design philosophy echoed their ethos: an unrelenting dedication to perfecting the artistry of lash enhancements.

The color palette and typography choices woven into the website’s design were deliberate reflections of the anticipated clientele. Soft and feminine hues harmonized seamlessly with elegant fonts, creating an ambiance that resonated with the discerning tastes of Beauty by Kieu’s patrons. This visual harmony was not just an aesthetic choice, but a strategic decision to establish an immediate rapport with visitors, inviting them into a world of beauty and refinement.

Central to our strategy was the strategic placement of compelling calls to action (CTAs) throughout the website. These CTAs were meticulously positioned to guide visitors toward engagement – whether it was exploring the enchanting realm of eyelash extensions, discovering the transformative journey of becoming a “lash artist,” or delving into the meticulous techniques employed by Beauty by Kieu. Each CTA represented a pathway for visitors to immerse themselves in the expertise and artistry that Beauty by Kieu had to offer.

The decision to spotlight eyelash extensions and the training of new “lash artists” as the website’s focal points was a purposeful alignment with Beauty by Kieu’s core strengths. By steering clear of superfluous content, we could spotlight these two pillars, amplifying their impact and resonance. The result was a cohesive digital presence that showcased the depth of Beauty by Kieu’s proficiency and the exclusive allure of their specialized offerings.

Our journey with Beauty by Kieu’s website encapsulated the essence of strategic simplicity. We recognized the power of focusing on the mastery of one craft, and we wielded design, color, typography, and compelling CTAs as tools to articulate this narrative. The result was a digital masterpiece that encapsulated the grace and elegance of eyelash extensions, inviting visitors to partake in Beauty by Kieu’s journey of excellence.

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